Residential Interior Painting Services in Knoxville, TN

House that had residential interior painting in Knoxville, TN

Interior residential painting might sound like a do-it-yourself project. But handling an interior painting job all on your own can lead to mindless messes, additional expenses for mistakes, and a less than finished or perfect result.

The interior space of your home is where you naturally gravitate to and it’s where you spend most of your time. By simply changing your wall color or applying a fresh, clean coat of paint to a room’s wood trim, you can actually achieve a space that feels more vibrant or even more relaxing. Many people enjoy decorating their home’s interior, and a quick and cost-effective strategy to changing a look or an aesthetic feel can be as simple as painting a new wall color, painting fresh trim paint, or fixing eyesore cracks on your walls and trim. The creative ideas and options are endless.

My painting experience over the past 20 years has given me specialty skills that noticeably set me apart from other local painting competitors in Knoxville, and surrounding areas. I have the ability to truly listen to a customer’s needs and to really hear what their desired project outcome is. I enjoy restoring ceilings, walls, cabinets and more, back to their desired state and turning visions into realities. I also understand the differences between a simple repair, a one room project and a complete interior painting project. Whether your project is for a home you are preparing to put on the market for top dollar, a newly purchased home, or your current home, I tackle every project with precision and pride no matter how big or small.

I have professional level experience with:

  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Texture Matching
  • Drywall Repair
  • Cabinet Stains and Varnishing
  • Popcorn Texture Removal
  • And much more

When you choose me as your professional interior painting contractor for your next residential project, I’ll make sure you get the finished look you’re after, both quickly and efficiently – while staying on your budget! I use nothing but the finest brands, and will match any custom color you desire.
I have been painting residential interiors for over 20 years, and I strive to get the job done right, the first time! I also respect the value of your time, so I strive to be reliable, dependable and prompt when giving you a project estimate and during your project’s timeline. Contact me today at (865) 335-0933 to get a free estimate on your project!